Dali Oleschko
Dali, Gerhard and Konstantin Oleschko
Dali with her son Konstantin
Photo: Verena Höfer/CK-Medienverlag
Dali with Juliana Oleschko

Family, loyalty and tradition are her hallmark.

The first step is always the hardest.

The parents of Dali Oleschko came to Austria from Yugoslavia as foreign immigrants in the 1970 during the Austrian economic boom. After Dali finished high-school she decided to start an apprenticeship as a hairdresser.

From the very start she had to learn that success doesn‘t come easily. Dali turned out to be a remarkable fighter. After finishing her apprenticeship she decided to apply for the position as a CEO of Austrias biggest Cinema chain. She successfully secured the job and served as a remarkable CEO. After 15 years in the Cinema industry and running a few successful businesses she decided to follow her passion and to start a fashion empire. This is what makes her special in comparison to other competitors.

In every little piece that Dali designs you can see and feel her dedication for Couture fashion.

The three most important marks of my life:

The decision to switch the class at school
To switch from the movie theater management to the fashion industry
Meeting my husband Gerhard and giving birth to my son Konstantin.

I love what I do – this is my main motivator.

Successfull integration needs:

communication, sympathy, the will and disposition for community.

Private information about Dali Oleschko

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